ASSP for Power Supply – Intelligent Power Device

MIP551 and MIP552 are good devices used in LED-lighting power control. Small size & high efficiency and most important worldwide input voltage (80 VAC to 280 VAC), and has dimmer control too.

ASSP for Power Supply – Intelligent Power Device

Typical LED peak current – MIP551 : 0.5 A and MIP552 : 1.0A; Over temperature protection for IPD (Auto-restart). Constant current control with simple LED drive circuit.

IPD for LED-lighting MIP551/MIP552

IPD for LED-lighting MIP551/MIP552

MIP551/MIP552 – IPD (Intelligent Power Device) LED Lighting Driver 80 to 280 V – Output Freq is 44 kHz

  • MIP551 – 10 W Output Max
  • MIP552 – 30 W Output Max

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From – Panasonic Semiconductors

Active Filter Design with OpAmps

This is yet another Application Note of Exar found in- “Applications Data Book” June 1981. The Seven Scanned Pages as attachments can be viewed and studied at …

Application Note – AN-03 – Active Filter Design with IC Op-Amps

“This application note is intended to familiarize the filter designer with the fundamentals of active filter design, using monolithic IC op amps. It presents a table of transfer functions and network equations for high-pass, low-pass, band-pass and band-reject filters. Several design examples are given to illustrate the respective merits and limitations of various filter configurations. Particular emphasis is given to applications of programmable quad operational amplifiers, such as the XR-4202, as an active filter element in FSK Modems.”

Measure R and C using uC without AD

This article describes how to measure values of a variable resistor or a variable capacitor using a microcontroller to measure the RC charge time to a constant threshold voltage. A variety of these “one-shot” circuits are described and the accuracy of the various methods is measured. Sample programs for the 87C51 family are presented at the end of the article.

Measure resistance and capacitance without an A/D

The old “one-shot” monostable multivibrator circuit has been around since the discovery of the electron. Popular IC versions of this variable pulse width generator include the 74123 and the famous (Philips) Signetics NE555 timer. These circuits use the time to charge a capacitor to a predefined voltage as their time delay. If the threshold voltage is 1-1/e (e is the natural log base), then the time delay in seconds is exactly the product of the resistance in ohms and the capacitance in Farads (t=RC). This is a linear equation and it can be used to measure an unknown value of R if C and t are known. The purpose of this article is to describe ways to measure a RESISTANCE by using this technique with an 80C51 type of microcontroller.

by Don Sherman AN449 – NXP Application Notes

The power behind vibrant LED SSL – NXP

L Prize for a LED Light Bulb as an Efficient and Reliable alternative for the common light bulb was won by a Lamp that used LUXEON LEDs. It has the flexibility and reliable performance that is needed for lamps.

LUXEON Rebel White LEDs

.LUXEON Rebel White LEDs

NXP’s high-power AC/DC converter reference design enables fast proof-of-concept for single-color LED applications. It’s a fully tested solution based on robust components and proven technologies that simplifi es the design of solid-state lighting (SSL) luminaires.

LED Lighting Systems – Philips

“Solid state lighting (SSL) utilizes light-emitting diodes (LEDs), organic light-emitting diodes (OLED), or polymer light-emitting diodes (PLED) as sources of illumination. Solid State Lighting is rapidly replacing the traditional incandescent light bulbs and fluorescent lamps, due to their low power consumption and high reliability” – Phase found in an earlier philips research article.

NXP Sets New Benchmarks for LED Drivers

“NXP Semiconductors today announced three major developments in its portfolio of mains connected LED driver solutions: the success of its SSL2101 LED driver IC in matching LED lifetimes in an accelerated lifetime test…”

The power behind vibrant LED SSL – NXP

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