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HV Handbook for the Experienced

First note a important point, HV is dangerous and the behavior of HV is shockingly unpredictable.

Jim shown caged by Faraday but protected by the law of Gauss. Two medium sized Tesla coils from Brian Basura and Ross Overton were used to zap at him on April 15th … A true story – The Electrical Adventures of Jim

The Electrical Adventures of Jim Lux

Humidity, clothing, footwear, gloves and furniture all add to the safety factors. Not to mention the special insulators and probes in plastic and ceramic that guards your body from a fatal mishap.

First you should be very capable in using normal electrical equipment with proper prior training. Then you should have experience in Mains power and energy systems. Lastly you should be above 20 Yrs of age and Learn HV theory and Practice under a Very experienced professional in that Specialization. Jim Lux has created some valuable pages on HV.

High Voltage Experimenter’s Handbook

There is no harm whatsoever now in studying and mastering the theory and also teaching others about the energy that is in high voltage. HV in HF is even more funny.

All that can be invented is already invented by nature. Man can only uncover a few facts and write about it. Start with this handbook. Life is precious, take care.

More EE Stuff at Jim Lux’s Web site

BeMicro Altera FPGA Evaluation Kit

Embedded Processor System in an FPGA in Minutes.

Low-cost evaluation kit, includes a complete lab. Integrate a custom microprocessor in a Cyclone III FPGA.Example code and even a Nios II a 32-bit embedded-processor RISC CPU soft core. Altera BeMicro Embedded Control Made Easy

Many peripheral modules are ready for gluing to your processor, right within the software. It then generates the HDL code too. It can then compile and load it on the USB FPGA Prototype Stick.

Amazing isn’t it. Try it out. Learn, Explore..Create.

New $49 BeMicro FPGA Evaluation Kit

Altera is one of the pioneers of Programmable Logic, following notable early leaders Signetics and MMI in introducing PLDs.

Interface with Twitter – @alteracorp – FPGA, CPLD and ASIC semiconductor devices.

Altera – FPGA CPLD and ASIC semiconductors