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Designs and manufactures rugged, precision electronic instruments for field, laboratory and manufacturing/production test. Specialized Instruments Include Resistance Measurement, Metrology & Calibration, Electronic Loads, Electrical Safety Test System and Multi Channel Voltage.

(Update – Kepco and Tegam now Manufacture and market the PPM Range of Instruments and Equipment)

PPM – Precision and Custom Instruments

BOP high speed power operational amplifiers

BOP are high speed power operational amplifiers that can be used to provide dynamically agile voltage for test and simulation. They are not general purpose power supplies. By the nature of the bipolar high speed design, they do not have any energy-storage noise discriminating output capacitors.

Electronic Load and Power Supplies -Kepco

The Model R1L-C is a Ground Resistance Ohmmeter designed to measure grounding system resistance as well as soil resistivity, over ranges from 2 Ω to 20 kΩ full scale.

Ground Resistance Ohmmeter

Ground Resistance Ohmmeter – Tegam

Jan 192014

Test & Measurement Instruments Manufacturer from India. Product Range includes a comprehensive range of Test and Measurement Equipment, Communication Test Equipments and Optical Test Equipments.

Aplab – Test Measurement Instruments

They also manufacture UPS Systems, Solar Energy Systems and Fault Locating Instruments. They are also an Engineering & Manufacturer Service.

See a affordable Test and Measuring System for the Laboratory. It comprises of many functions in one single Workbench or Tabletop Instrument.

The Collage of Instrument Functions are Dual Trace Oscilloscope, Component Tester/Comparator, Triple Output DC Power Source, Frequency Counter and Function Generator.

5 in 1 Testlab - Aplab 3744

5 in 1 Testlab – Aplab 3744

Aplab Limited
Aplab House, A-5, Wagle Estate, Thane 400 604. India.

Updated – Jan 2014

Nov 012013
AMETEK Programmable Power

Elgar, Sorensen and Cailifornia Instruments Products. A wide range Electronic Loads are available from 75-1800W with both DC and AC input in benchtop, modular and standalone form factors. Other products are DC Power supplies AC Power Sources, Modular AC/DC Units. Services like Compliance Testing and Custom Products. AMETEK Programmable Power SLM Family Electronic Loads The [...]

Sep 082013
W S Test Systems - High Voltage Test Equipment

A joint venture between W. S. Industries (India) Limited, Chennai and erstwhile MWB Messwandler-Bau AG, Germany. The design and manufacture of high voltage test and measuring equipment of International Standards. W. S. Test Systems Limited – WSTS Single Stage AC/ DC Impulse Test system High Voltage Test and Measuring equipment (AC Test Set) 100kV, 5kVA [...]

Jun 132013
AMREL - Specialized Technology Solutions

Custom Products and Solutions, designed and engineered to specific requirements. Three divisions: AMREL Power Products Division (PD), AMREL Computer Division (CD), and AMREL Medical COMPUTER Division (MD). AMREL – Specialized Technology Solutions Air and Water-cooled programmable switching power supplies, Multi-channel and single channel linear power supplies, Ranges from 15W-900kW+, up to 2500V and 6000A. Programmable [...]

Apr 042013
Sanwa Electric Test Instruments

One of the Manufacturers of Good Quality and Affordable Electrical Test Instruments from Japan. They have been manufacturing reliable test equipment for many decades. – delabs Sanwa Electric Test Instruments Digital Multimeter, Analog Multitester, Insulation Resistance Tester, Earth Tester, Laser Power Meter, Lux Meter, Thermo Meter, Tacho Meter, Phase Detector. Digital multimeter PC20, Ethernet adapter [...]

Apr 022013
Amprobe Test Tools and Instruments

Quality and Reliable test equipment for professionals for electrical maintenance and Testing. Used also in HVAC Work (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning). Manufacturer of Testing, Monitoring, and Troubleshooting Tools. Products include clamp-on ammeters, power quality analyzers, Multimeters and circuit tracers. Power Quality (PQ) equipment and Environment (Water, Air) Quality Instruments too. History – Among the [...]

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