Mar 022014
Mini Circuits - RF and Microwave Components

Design, manufacturing, and distribution of RF, IF, and microwave components covering the DC to 20GHz band. A leader in RF signal processing products. Mini Circuits – RF and Microwave Components Used in commercial, industrial, space, and military, including: WiMax, CATV, Cellular Wireless, RFID, Medical Equipment, Test Equipment, Receivers, Transmitters and Satellite applications. Mini-Circuits SSG-6400HS Signal [...]

Feb 142014
Dorsey Metrology - Measurement Devices

Dimensional measurement instruments. Product line includes dial indicators, optical comparators, snap gages, bore gages and other measurement devices. Dorsey Metrology – Measurement Devices Here is a 16H Horizontal Beam Optical Comparator. This ultra precision optical comparator utilizes an integrated zero backlash, high resolution scale and a free state, normalized zero stress stage. 16H Optical Comparator [...]

Feb 132014
Fowler - Control and Inspection Equipment

Measuring instruments, shop tools and machine tool accessories. “The Fred V. Fowler Company is globally recognized as one of today’s leading suppliers of quality control and inspection equipment. Founded in 1946 …..” Fowler – Control and Inspection Equipment Sylvac D-50S Probe Display “Fowler- Sylvac’s new D50-S display is easy to use and extremely versatile. Featuring [...]

Feb 112014
GMI - Laboratory Instrumentation and Services

GMI provides high value laboratory instrumentation and service solutions to the clinical diagnostic, biotech, & chemical analysis laboratory marketplace worldwide. GMI – Laboratory Instrumentation and Services They also provides instrumentation asset management, liquidations, disposals, refurbishing and resale recovery for laboratories, biotech firms, hospitals and health maintenance organizations. Instrumentation and Equipment for .. Clinical Chemistry, Hematology, [...]

Feb 092014
PPM - Precision and Custom Instruments

Designs and manufactures rugged, precision electronic instruments for field, laboratory and manufacturing/production test. Specialized Instruments Include Resistance Measurement, Metrology & Calibration, Electronic Loads, Electrical Safety Test System and Multi Channel Voltage. (Update – Kepco and Tegam now Manufacture and market the PPM Range of Instruments and Equipment) PPM – Precision and Custom Instruments BOP are [...]

Feb 092014
Solartron Analytical - Electrochemistry Instrumentation

Electrochemistry, Energy Storage, Corrosion, Materials, Control and Electronics Test Measurement Solartron Analytical – Electrochemistry Instrumentation Products – Industry standard frequency response analyzers, potentiostats, electrochemical software (Zplot and CorrWare) and battery test equipment. Solartron Analytical – Multi-channel CellTest System The 1470E multi-channel potentiostat has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of electrochemists and material scientists [...]

Jan 192014
Aplab - Test Measurement Instruments

Test & Measurement Instruments Manufacturer from India. Product Range includes a comprehensive range of Test and Measurement Equipment, Communication Test Equipments and Optical Test Equipments. Aplab – Test Measurement Instruments They also manufacture UPS Systems, Solar Energy Systems and Fault Locating Instruments. They are also an Engineering & Manufacturer Service. See a affordable Test and [...]