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May 232011
Non-Destructive Testing NDT Resource

Eddy Current Testing (ET) and Infrared/Thermal Testing (IRT) are Interesting Areas where experienced designers can build and manufacture Test Equipment. Community College Education Resource These pages have NDT study material for college and Science Educational Pages for High School. Students can get ideas for original project work on one of these concepts. Choose one area and then research in the web. When i had to build Equipment, it would be difficult to get the catalogs and datasheets of Materials or Methods. Now master the art or searching online, then create your database. Study, Learn and Build ! Direct Read Pocket [Read More ....]

May 172011
Insulation Resistance Testing - AEMC

This Insulation Testing Reference by AEMC Instruments is a Must Read for all Instrumentation and Electrical Professionals. Even Students and Enthusiasts who want to learn more about Insulation, can find this informative. The other reference articles also are of Learning Interest. Insulation Testing is a Part of Power, Energy, Green, Solar Systems as well. It is an Important part of Product Safety. Megohmmeters/Insulation – AMEC Read – Understanding Insulation Resistance Testing AEMC is an industry leader in current measurement probes, power quality analyzers, ground resistance testers and insulation resistance testers. It was Founded in 1893. AEMC Instruments – 200 Foxborough [Read More ....]

Apr 202011
Energy and Power Measurements

To make an analog design using log amps or multipliers, discovercircuits – four-quad is good for learning. Using a uP for math is better. Look at these links below. Build a Power Meter ! The Metrics for Going Green is with a Energy/Power/Watt meter. Related Reading Allegro Hall-Effect Sensor ICs Using a Hall Effect Current Sensor Clamp Hall effect Sensors at Honeywell AC Metering Circuits – Power measurement Wireless home-power monitoring system EnerJar – The DIY power meter

Sep 232010
Electrochemistry Encyclopedia

This site contains popular-science style articles describing many aspects of electrochemistry. New articles are added at irregular intervals, and all articles are periodically updated as recent developments occur in the field. Electrochemistry Encyclopedia Anodizing – Robert S Alwitt Brine electrolysis – Tilak V. Bommaraju and Paul J. Orosz Corrosion inhibition – Norman Hackerman Dielectrics – William D. Brown, Dennis Hess, Vimal Desai, and M. Jamal Deen Electric fish, electric organ discharges, and electroreception – Theodore H. Bullock Electrochemical engineering – Richard C. Alkire and Thomas W. Chapman Electrochemical machining – Joseph McGeough Extractive metallurgy “Metal sulfide flotation concentrates can be [Read More ....]

Sep 232010

Human Beings are helped or hampered by many types of Microbes. From the Sub-Microbe virus to animal like Bacterium and plant like Fungi. An Affordable Portable Electronic Microbe Detector using Mass Spectrometry; may be very useful for Small HealthCare Centers and Homes. If a Person Breathes into an adapter in the instrument, it should show a simple analysis of the Air Microbe Levels. It can also be used for CleanRoom Air Purity Indication. This is just an idea for an urgent need, this may prevent spread of flu to escalate into an epidemic; due to early detection of microbe, at [Read More ....]

May 252010

These are Instruments that Jack built. Here read Jack as me, delabs. Some were hand made, some in the form of workflow of a small firm with professional equipment. Some made in quantities, other a couple or more for R&D. The photographs of many were not taken, some products were lucky. Later i realized an album comes in handy for marketing. These days, the unimaginable has happened, you can have Albums Online, just give a URL to the prospective customer. If you are smarter, setting up an osCommerce will shake your competition to wide awake condition. Test & Measurement Instruments [Read More ....]

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May 042010
Virtual Oscilloscope - Visualize Equations

Oscilloscope Functions and Fourier Series. Periodic Waveforms. Watch Sine, Square, Triangle and Sawtooth Waves and Study Controls. This Scope is a Real Time Graph of Volts Y and Time X at any node of a circuit. It can show both AC and DC. Load an equation of your own and see it as a waveform on this web scope. Paste a Formula in the Equation text box, load it, it will be rendered as waveform on scope. Learn from this page …. Virtual Oscilloscope – Visualize Equations Get The JS Oscilloscope Demo Just turn it on and then press demo [Read More ....]

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