The Canadian Standards Association – is a not-for-profit membership-based association serving business, industry, government and consumers in Canada and the global marketplace. Safety and Health Standards – CSA CSA Group works closely with leading independent agencies and associations to promote safety standards in North America and around the world.Read More

Nothing like having a copy of the Original.. This will help you brush up the analog design skill and make you more capable of interfacing your Embedded System block to the real world which is made of Analog Parameters and Noisy Digital parameters too.. National Linear Applications Handbook Signal ConditioningRead More


Product Safety Product should not give even the lightest shock, Even metal parts on user side to be laminated High energy circuits never enters analog and digital circuit areas without Opto or other Isolation. Gadgets, Furniture, Tools and Storage Units should not cause injury. Rounded Edges, Non Toxic. Worker SafetyRead More


“These are some educational java applets I wrote to help visualize various concepts in math, physics, and engineering.” – Paul Falstad Electronic Educational Applets – Paul Falstad Math and Physics Applets – MyPhysicsLab – Physics Simulation with Java. Index of Circuit Examples – Demonstrates various electronic circuits. Digital Filters –Read More


The LM136-2.5/LM236-2.5 and LM336-2.5 integrated circuits are precision 2.5V shunt regulator diodes. These monolithic IC voltage references operate as a low-temperature-coefficient 2.5V zener with 0.2 dynamic impedance. A third terminal on the LM136-2.5 allows the reference voltage and temperature coefficient to be trimmed easily. The series is useful as precisionRead More


The ICM7217 is a four digit, presettable up/down counter with an onboard presettable register continuously compared to the counter. The ICM7217 is intended for use in hard-wired applications where thumbwheel switches are used for loading data, and simple SPDT switches are used for chip control. ICM7217 Presettable Up-Down Counter ThisRead More

CA3140 and CA3130 are originally RCA part numbers( i feel). They are amazing close to ideal opamps, the input offset has to be trimmed. I used to use it when high input impedance is required. 1.5T ohm 10pA is the specs. A Electrometer can be made with just one opamp.Read More