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Integrated Circuits

ICM7217 Preset Counter with 4 Digits

December 8, 2015 0

ICM7217 is a four digit, presettable up/down counter with an onboard presettable register continuously compared to the counter. The ICM7217 is intended for use in […]

Product Design

Date Time Clock Widgets

December 9, 2016 0

I wanted to realize usability of controls within a small footprint. This lead to some innovations. These are JavaScript and CSS Clock Widgets originally made […]

Bot as SMD Soldering Aid

December 4, 2016 0

I need a Bot to help me with soldering. Years of looking at Monitors and Double Clicking Mouse, have taken their toll . Please develop […]

The Tablet in HandHeld Computing

October 18, 2016 0

Just some study i made, only the understanding or conclusion here. For the years 2012-16. Low power consumption means we all last longer, healthy, si […]

Desktop Computer Reforms

October 17, 2016 0

Please pay attention to an earnest plea from a person who has pulled cards and ram from xt-at 286-386 days. Some people are innovating, at […]

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