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Learn Digital Logic Gates Operation

The Gate is a digital component that is used to compute an output for certain inputs, the inputs and outputs have two


Learning Electronics – 01

How To Learn Electronics -Theory must be studied once and referred again and again as you do practicals. One is by building


Acme Robotics and Mechatronics Inc

Acme Robotics and Mechatronics IncIndustrial Robots and Extra Smart Machine Manufacturer. Credited for 200+ Patents and Innovations. Debited for over-exhausting and stressing

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From Virtual Anthropomorphic Robots to Androids

Robotics is the Magnum Opus of Engineering, It combines Electronics, Mechanical, Computing and also the toughest science know to mankind…. Wireless Networking!


Protect your Design or IP

If you have made an electronic product with a new circuit or code and need to protect it, then these are some


Billy Daisy and Gregory

Gregory G. Leedberg created Daisy for DOS which evolved to Billy on Windows. These are AI Chat Bots that brought me hours


Dilbert Dupey and Talking Parrots

There was the time when Peedy The Talking Parrot made his appearance on my Win 95 Desktop. It was the first version

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Types of Capacitors

Capacitors are as simple as two plates of metal separated by a insulator called dielectric. When you make large values of capacitors,


gEDA – Electronic Design Automation

The gEDA project is working on producing a full GPL’d suite of Electronic Design Automation tools. These tools are used for electrical circuit  design, schematic capture,


Kilowatt Classroom Electrical Training

The Industrial Electricians Notebook – Free online electrical books selection that features interesting and timely subjects: electrical theory, electrical reference information, electrical


Millivolt Source with Digital Potentiometer

Here is a Millivolt Source i built for Calibration in the early days. It uses only CMOS Digital and Mixed Chips from