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PSoC FirstTouch Starter Kit – CyFi Low-Power RF

This intuitive starter kit allows you to evaluate the PSoC programmable system-on-chip and CyFi Low-Power RF in CapSense touch-sensing, temperature sensing, and light-sensing applications.

PSoC CY3271 Kit – Cypress

It also features the PSoC Designer IDE and Cypress’s Sense and Control Dashboard.

CYFi Low-Power RF

The kit contains:

  • One PC dongle with RF
  • One RF expansion card with power amplification for long-range applications
  • One multifunction expansion card
  • Two battery packs (2xAAA and CR2032)

Cypress Semiconductor

MPC8569E for Broadband Access Equipment – Freescale

MPC8569E for Broadband Access Equipment – Freescale

MPC8569E Freescale

“The MPC8569E PowerQUICC III family is designed to address the increasing performance requirements for broadband access equipment including 3G/WiMAX/LTE base stations, radio network controllers, gateways and ATM/TDM/IP equipment.”

Features Include

  • Embedded e500 core, scaling up to 1.33 GHz
  • 783-pin FC-PBGA package, 29 mm x 29 mm
  • 1.0V core voltage with 3.3V, 2.5V, 1.8V, 1.5V and 1.0V I/O
  • Dual I2C and Dual Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (DUART) support
  • Integrated DDR memory controller with full ECC support

From Freescale Semiconductors – parent company is Motorola

Field Oriented Control using XC886/888

“XC800 family of 8-bit MCUs combines a dual-cycle 8051 core with embedded flash memory and powerful on-chip peripherals. The high-quality MCUs are well-suited for a wide range of 5 V and 3 V applications, including motor control, automotive body and white goods, and add networking functionality to industrial and building automation systems.”

Field Oriented Control using XC886/888

The FOC Drive Application Kit provides customers with a cost-effective method of evaluating and developing Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) control applications using the FOC technique.

FOC Drive Application Kit

CANmotion BLDC Evaluation Platform

“The CANmotion board was designed to provide an easy to use BLDC motor control platform. The board is equipped with a reverse polarity safe power supply with a DC/DC converter for 5 V supply line, a high performance 8 bit microcontroller with 32 kB flash memory, an operational amplifier for the DC-link current measurement, a resistor network for back EMF and DC-link voltage measurement, a CAN interface and of course an inverter with discrete gate driver.”

From Infineon Technologies – parent company is Siemens

TDA5140A Brushless DC Motor Drive – NXP

TDA5140A Brushless DC Motor Drive – NXP

“The TDA5140A is a bipolar integrated circuit used to drive 3-phase brushless DC motors in full-wave mode. “

Features Include –

  • Full-wave commutation without position sensors.
  • Three push-pull outputs: 0.8 A output current.
  • Thermal protection – Flyback diodes
  • Tacho output without extra sensor

AN93014_EIE; TDA5140AT with Position Indicator Page-In & Speed Control – PDF

NXP SemiconductorsNXP – Application Notes

NXP (for Next eXPerience) semiconductor company founded by Philips.

Process Control Circuits for Automation

The page Industrial Process Control Circuits has been updated.

RTD PT100 Mains Powered Transmitter

This was the PCB of the Transmitter, This would go into the SSR box. It worked pretty well, served the purpose. It was also cloned by others. Now designs are public. In those days, i would try to protect my designs, it was futile. The only edge an engineering company can have to protect its designs is quality, customer support, marketing clout and constant improvement.

If you have a Capital-Reserve for cash-flow and dedicated R&D lab and team with very low Attrition; combined with an enthusiastic and adventurous Marketing Team. Then your designs and assets are well protected, even if you publish them online. Well, i would not do that, if was still running my business, i am not sure. There was no web at that time, Just before my own company wound up, it was 386, Gateway 2000 14 Kbps Modem and BBS/ Delrina WinFax. That was all the connectivity i had. Now, oh my Goodness, The world has changed completely, just because of one thing the Internet, a change for the better. There might have been other ‘significant’ changes, in other areas, but they turned out to be something else.

As long as we have the Web and www, a knowledge utility for one and all, the world will continue to evolve into a better place. we can fix everything.

RTD Pt100 Three Wire Transmitter Connections

Proportional Temperature Controller

Proportional Temperature Controller

This is a Proportional Controller where the setpoint is derived from a Thumbwheel switch.

Proportional Temperature Controller

The conversion of Thumb-wheel Digital Data to Analog mV is similar to R-2R Weighted Resistor Network. In this case it is a 1-2-4-8 Binary Weighted Resistor Network. It has no Digital Components.

You can see an example circuit below for digit weights you just use like 10K-100K-1M etc. There is a problem of procuring 8M Resistors, so use series parallel combinations, avoid open presets. Trimpots can be used but then it raises the BOM cost.

1-2-4-8 Kilo Ohms may load opamp for high output levels. 1-2-4-8 Mega Ohms may be ok in the lowest digit. Greater than 10M designs are possible only in lab, not in commercial or industrial domains.

Binary Weighted Resistor Network

Make such R networks, solder array on thumbwheel, in some thumbwheels remove diodes or other connections. Club all of them, thumbwheels. One opamp will do. Use -2.5 V for positive mV output. The resistors should be close to 0.3% at least.

This Binary Resistor Network can also work with Digital CMOS Chips like CD4029. Use these chips on a separate supply, which is just a LM336 – 5V device. A digital thumb-wheel also can be used or you would rather use a PIC Microcontroller, perhaps.

In this controller you can see a sensor open indication. When the sensor breaks, the temperature controller may continue to turn on the actuators or heaters, It may even Oscillate. So when a high impedance is detected in the sensor input terminals, the output relay is shut off and a LED is turned on to simplify operator’s diagnosis.

Mount the controller a distance away from heaters, ac-drives and vibrating parts. Avoid direct sunlight on controller, fix controller in a sealed control panel. Earth the point where the thermocouple senses heat. Some heaters leak. The machine has to be earthed.