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Technical Resource – Marc Dekenah

Useful resource on Power Quality, Radio Telemetry, T&M and Interfacing.

Technical Resource – Marc Dekenah

Economical Impulse Generator, Measuring in Excess of 1kV, “Soft Earthing” Instruments and A Real LAN twist cable are pages you must read.

Marc’s Technical Pages; knowledge-base of Faultlink International, an independent electrical / electronics fault investigation & analysis consultancy.

Marc is an independent electrical/electronic fault investigation and analysis consultant with over 25 years of industrial electrics/electronics experience as Consultant, System Engineer, Technical Director, Design Engineer and more.

Connecting Up For Intermittent Nuisance Trips

Connecting Up For Intermittent/Nuisance Trips

“Intermittent trips are circuit breakers rightfully operating because of an unknown cause or fault. Nuisance trips are a breaker deeming a non-existent fault has occurred and, in so doing, operates without need.”

“Faultlink International is a fully independent broad-range electrical/electronics fault investigation and analysis consultancy.”

FaultLink International – Electrical Power Diagnostics

Non-Destructive Testing NDT Resource

Eddy Current Testing (ET) and Infrared/Thermal Testing (IRT) are Interesting Areas where experienced designers can build and manufacture Test Equipment.

Community College Education Resource

These pages have NDT study material for college and Science Educational Pages for High School.

Students can get ideas for original project work on one of these concepts. Choose one area and then research in the web. When i had to build Equipment, it would be difficult to get the catalogs and datasheets of Materials or Methods. Now master the art or searching online, then create your database. Study, Learn and Build !

Direct Read Pocket Dosimeter

Pocket Dosimeter

“Pocket dosimeters are used to provide the wearer with an immediate reading of his or her exposure to x-rays and gamma rays. As the name implies, they are commonly worn in the pocket. The two types commonly used in industrial radiography are the Direct Read Pocket Dosimeter and the Digital Electronic Dosimeter.”

More at – NDT Resource Center

Antronics Ltd – Project Design Portfolio

Product design and development is for the Innovative Engineer. Here Antronics have on display, some projects and design ideas that have been realized.

Antronics Ltd – Project Design Portfolio

A product design by Antronic – The BT redcare alarm monitoring system provides continuous monitoring of a BT telephone line that links a professionally installed alarm system.

Antronics Ltd - Project Design Portfolio

Antronics Ltd – Embedded Systems Specialists

Consultancy Services to Clients developing Embedded Microprocessor Systems. Design and development of software/firmware for embedded microprocessor and microcontroller systems. Specialized in Products which need “M2M” applications; ie, “machine-to-machine” communications.

delabs Notes

In product development, the most important thing is to communicate and interact with the customer. To get the inputs very clear, goes a long way in customer satisfaction and project’s technical success.

Even if the customer is not able to create a Black Box Specifications but is able to indicate the need or problem. Then you can arrive at the specs by incremental prototyping, to gather full requirements.

Making a Logical Choice in Speed-n-Power

The glue/interface Logic families are many. TTL and CMOS is what we all know. TTL is made of the trusted NPN and PNP transistors. CMOS logic is made of Mosfets/FET types.

Making a Logical Choice in Speed-n-Power

CD40XX and Intersil chips were the first CMOS types of IC that became popular. The former were versatile Building Blocks and the Latter created what i would call Flexible Advanced Public ASICs.

CMOS are low power consumption and TTL are nice Speed. In intel chips you could see the transition at 8031 to 80C31, a CMOS with good speed. Now its CMOS everywhere. FET’s rule.

Leroy has created an amazing page that helps you make a choice. I like HCT but these days it appears ACT is better and affordable too.

Glue Logic IC Family Selection Guide

Programmable Logic Controller – PLC System

TheLearningPit – PLC Simulators and Resources for Training.

PSIM …. The Original PLC Simulator / Emulator – Proffessor Bill’s Free PLC Simulator! – Allen Bradley PLC Simulator, Hands-On Programmable Logic Controller Training Without the PLC. The PLC tutors are nice, Basic Lessons and Quiz Exercise can brush up your Fundamentals.

MatPLC – Ladder Logic on Linux

A Standalone PLC or PLC based System or SCADA form the automation systems of today. Allen Bradley, Siemens and GE-Fanuc were PLC manufacturers. The firm which i had started many years back, also did PLC related work as a System House for GE-Fanuc. This is a modular software configured/programmable embedded system.

A Basic PLC was a system built around an 8051 type device. It would have a EEPROM or UV PROM. EEPROM the ancestor of flash had just made an entry. SEEQ was one of the makers. It needed a little additional circuitry for programming. A 286/386 PC would have a ladder logic program, which could be loaded via serial port to PLC. The Ladder Logic was a Electrician Friendly GUI to create the 8031 firmware. The PLC would have Logic inputs and Relay outputs. Analog I/O Modules were more expensive Modules.

Block Diagram (SBD) – Programmable Logic Controller – TI.com

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC). “Acquiring data from sensors involves precision measurement and the processing of very low values or small changes in analog voltages/currents.”

So, if you want to specialize in Instrumentation like T&M or Process Control, you should be good at analog. PLC is the Modular or Component based approach to Industrial Automation. That means Configurable, Scalable, Serviceable/Maintainable. Most important fact is it is Programmable.

Insulation Resistance Testing – AEMC

This Insulation Testing Reference by AEMC Instruments is a Must Read for all Instrumentation and Electrical Professionals. Even Students and Enthusiasts who want to learn more about Insulation, can find this informative. The other reference articles also are of Learning Interest. Insulation Testing is a Part of Power, Energy, Green, Solar Systems as well. It is an Important part of Product Safety.

Megohmmeters/Insulation – AMEC 6505 5000V Megohmmeters

Read – Understanding Insulation Resistance Testing

AEMC is an industry leader in current measurement probes, power quality analyzers, ground resistance testers and insulation resistance testers. It was Founded in 1893.

AEMC Instruments – 200 Foxborough Blvd., Foxborough, MA 02035 USA

Seen on the right is the Megohmmeter from AEMC. 6505 is a portable battery/mains powered instrument in a rugged field case.

This Features include automatic calculation and presentation of the Dielectric Absorption Ratio (DAR) and Polarization Index (PI). The Model 6505 displays the test voltage, insulation resistance and the leakage current during the test.