MIP551 and MIP552 are good devices used in LED-lighting power control. Small size & high efficiency and most important worldwide input voltage (80 VAC to 280 VAC), and has dimmer control too.

ASSP for Power Supply – Intelligent Power Device

Typical LED peak current – MIP551 : 0.5 A and MIP552 : 1.0A; Over temperature protection for IPD (Auto-restart). Constant current control with simple LED drive circuit.

IPD for LED-lighting MIP551/MIP552

IPD for LED-lighting MIP551/MIP552

MIP551/MIP552 – IPD (Intelligent Power Device) LED Lighting Driver 80 to 280 V – Output Freq is 44 kHz

  • MIP551 – 10 W Output Max
  • MIP552 – 30 W Output Max

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