In late 1994, the path of fieldbus took a new, promising direction. Two parallel supplier consortiums-the InterOperable Systems Project (ISP) and WorldFIP North America-merged to form the Fieldbus Foundation. Fieldbus Foundation – Device Data Networks ‘This advanced digital communication solution was designed from the ground-up to support mission-critical control applicationsContinue Reading


Information about computers and how to interface them to all kind of equipment. Both software and hardware help is available. – Lammert Bies Lammert Bies – Computer Interfacing RS-232 specs RS-485 information The serial UART USB interface Modbus interface Unitronics RJ11 Simple null modem without handshaking “only the data linesContinue Reading


ARM, PPC, Coldfire products, tutorials and a nice database of 8051 chips. Supplying Embedded Development Tool in UK and The EU. Computer Solutions Ltd – Embedded Development Tools Assemblers, Compilers and Simulators – cross development software available for most micros. Portable Digital Oscilloscope DSO-2102 The DSO-2102 PC-Based Oscilloscopes connect toContinue Reading

Universal Serial Bus Controller – TUSB3210 The TUSB3210 is a USB-based controller targeted as a general-purpose MCU with GPIO. The TUSB3210 has 8K × 8 RAM space for application development. In addition, the programmability of the TUSB3210 makes it flexible enough to use for various other general USB I/O applications.Continue Reading