Switches are electromechanical devices. The are used to control the  path of current or energy flow. Power switches are used to turn on and off loads. The contacts should be robust and have immunity to  sparking and corrosion. Switches for signals need to be gold plated for low contact resistanceContinue Reading


I have made some Web Widgets, these are analog opamp tutors. Interactive Tutorial with Simulated Meters and Potentiometers, demonstrating how Operational Amplifier functions in different configurations. Interactive Tutorials using Virtual Electronic Components  Slide the Potentiometers just like you would operate a Sliding Control. Drag the Knob on Pot to increaseContinue Reading


KTechLab project. KTechLab is a an IDE for microcontrollers and electronics. It supports circuit simulation, program development for microcontrollers and simulating the programmed microcontroller together with its application circuit. Ktechlab was developed by David Saxton. KTechLab – Open Source IDE Integrated Design Environment (IDE) for electronic and PIC microcontroller circuitContinue Reading


“I present, below, a collection of projects I have worked-on over the past few years. For over a decade, I had taught both embedded systems (microcontroller technology) and digital signal processing and practice what I preach….” Professor Mark Csele – Projects and Hobbies Nixie Thermostat – A heating and coolingContinue Reading

Electronics Club Tutorials John Hewes, Kelsey Park Sports College. Example Projects Construction of Projects Soldering Guide Study Electronics Electronic Components Circuit Symbols This is good place to start your electronics study, it has a practical and simple Approach – delabsContinue Reading