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Mains Transformers Types

September 22, 2008 delabs 0

These are Transformers Made by Hammond Manufacturing Classic Transformer Terminals Transformer PCB Transformer Toroidal Transformer Split bobbin assures product safety. Easy Cabinet or Panel mount. […]

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SSR and Transmitter Enclosure

September 19, 2008 delabs 0

This is the enclosure for the Encapsulated Mini RTD PT100 Transmitter and also Solid State Relays – SSR. Potted, Encapsulated in epoxy, hermetically sealed. It […]

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NO-NC SSR Plastic Box

September 16, 2008 delabs 0

This was a Fire Retardant Plastic Box which was made for the SSR I/O Stackable Modules. DC Control for an AC Load. Usually it is […]

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EMI RFI Mains Filters

August 3, 2008 delabs 0

EMI RFI Filters are required in two situations, to prevent EMI from an Electronic Equipment Like A Dimmer, Thyristor Drive, SMPS or Switcher affecting other […]