These are simple and easy for learning, it is oriented towards practical electronics. It has a rich experience of Glen, who has seen the real electronics engineering as it evolved. Tutorials for Electronics – Williamson Labs   Wayback Copy Ergonomics Elementary Electricity Engineering NOTEBOOK Intuitive Electronics Design Flow Chart Transmission LinesContinue Reading


“Strippenstrolch” is thus a pitch name for “electricians”. here you can also see a innovative project that combines rainwater harvesting and a solar energy operated pump to flush toilets. (This site is important for all Design Engineers, here you can see the thought process of a born designer.) Strippenstrolch –Continue Reading

World Intellectual Property Organization – WIPO WIPO’s Summer Schools, held in several locations worldwide. “Industrial designs, also referred to simply as designs, concern the ornamental or aesthetic aspects of products. Industrial Designs are a type of industrial property, protected by intellectual property rights. Search International Patent ApplicationsContinue Reading

Design and manufacture ubiquitous computing products that combine user experience design expertise with a deep knowledge of cutting-edge technologies. Here, networked electronics meet user experience design in products for everyday problem solving… ThingM – Product and Interface Design BlinkM MaxM, is BlinkMs bigger, crazy sibling. It’s an intensely-bright smart LEDContinue Reading