Many may already know about these EE Educational pages with Circuits of J. B. Calvert. These pages are valuable as they are like a summation of Important and Practical Sections in many EE Subjects. If you want to master the basics of EE, these pages will propel you in theContinue Reading


This Website is intended for those intrepid individuals who, for whatever reason, find themselves looking for a less than formal approach to useful education in a number of technical fields. Play-Hookey – Online Classroom Digital logic is at the core of all digital computers, and yet it is entirely basedContinue Reading


“Some people collect stamps, coins or baseball cards, I collect electronic circuit schematics. I own several book shelves and file cabinets full of electronic circuit books, IC application manuals and circuit encyclopedias. I often use my collection for reference.” Imagineering On-line Magazine David A. Johnson, – P.E. consulting electronics engineer.Continue Reading


MERL is the North American arm of the Corporate R&D of Mitsubishi. MERL conducts application-motivated basic research and advanced development in optimization, control and signal processing. Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories Mechatronics – Advanced control algorithms, system dynamics, modeling & performance analysis…. Digital Communications – High speed mobile communications, ubiquitous networking,Continue Reading


“I present, below, a collection of projects I have worked-on over the past few years. For over a decade, I had taught both embedded systems (microcontroller technology) and digital signal processing and practice what I preach….” Professor Mark Csele – Projects and Hobbies Nixie Thermostat – A heating and coolingContinue Reading

Electronics Club Tutorials John Hewes, Kelsey Park Sports College. Example Projects Construction of Projects Soldering Guide Study Electronics Electronic Components Circuit Symbols This is good place to start your electronics study, it has a practical and simple Approach – delabsContinue Reading

Holger Heinemann Brainstorming Page Electronic Projects in German. Brainstormings Pages. Here information is about electronics, Visual basic, Registry, Windows 95/ME. Heinemann, Holger – Koschatplatz 2 -67061 Ludwigshafen. The RC5-Code instruction code for the IR remote maintenance Digital indicating panel for spielstaendeContinue Reading