British electronics company which design and develop Semiconductor Chip Solutions like RF components, data converters, power regulators, imaging sensors, programmable DSPs and special ASICS. Plessey Semiconductors – CMOS IC Solutions Highlights of Services In-house development team RF, Mixed Signal and High Performance Analogue Full custom / Semi-custom IC design serviceRead More


“Berkeley Design Automation (BDA) is the electronic design automation (EDA) industry leader in next-generation analog, RF, and mixed-signal integrated circuit (IC) verification.” Berkeley Design Automation – Analog and RF SPICE (wayback) (Update – BDA now part of Mentor Graphics) Analog FastSPICE is based on Precision Circuit Analysis technology. This technology isRead More


Resources for Radio, Radar, RF, Microwave, & Wireless Engineering. Collection of links to various application notes for different RF Vendors. Links to RF equations, technical data sheets, math notes and much more. RF Cafe – Microwave & Wireless Engineering Some important areas RF Engineering Calculators Electrical / Electronics Conversions, FormulasRead More


A leading developer and manufacturer of M2M or machine-to-machine communications products. Device Networking Systems and Modules. Multi-Tech Embedded Communications Solutions Manufacturer of award-winning Unified Communications and device networking products. A versatile suite of hardware and software products to make your Internet of Things IoT system development easy and powerful. MultiConnectRead More

Since 1978, Wenzel Associates has defined the state-of-the-art in ultra-low phase noise while providing system manufactures with the highest quality, cost effective frequency components and instruments. Wenzel Associates introduced the Blue Tops system building blocks to offer oscillator users well-characterized, low noise components, which improved the time to market forRead More