Billy Daisy and Gregory

November 18, 2019 delabs 0

Gregory G. Leedberg created Daisy for DOS which evolved to Billy on Windows. These are AI Chat Bots that brought me hours of AI flavored […]

Automobile Ideas from 2002

September 13, 2017 delabs 0

Cars should be aware of their environment and display status in the dashboard. It is like having cameras all around. The objects around and their […]

AI Dodo with a Wikipedia Brain

July 12, 2017 delabs 0

Wikipedia Search Results combined with an AI Query and Data-mining Engine integrated with a High Quality Text-to-Speech; can help people hear Answers to Questions they […]

Sun Equipment – Training Systems

September 9, 2012 delabs 0

Professional Electronic/ Electrical/ Mechatronic/ Hydraulic/ Pneumatic Training Systems manufacturer. Sun Equipment – Training Systems This Mechatronics Control System was a custom design for Sierra College […]