You will find tutorials on how to build your own avr programmer, a digital DC power supply, a tiny web server, an ethernet weather station, usb slide show presenter and lots more. digital DC power supply unit – A very small an really good DC bench power supply unit forContinue Reading


These pages created by Wichit Sirichote of  Department of Applied Physics, Faculty of Science, provides schematic and software for hobbyists to practice “learn by doing”, build a simple microcontroller projects at home. Build Your Own Microcontroller Projects Some of the projects include – The 4 Channel Pt100 Thermometer, G5-Data Logger,Continue Reading


Solutions for traditional industries such as automotive, aerospace, military, power, civil engineering and manufacturing. Hardware & software for the measurement & analysis of a wide variety of noise & vibration applications. Prosig – Noise and Vibration Analysis Capture, analysis and display of noise, vibration and associated data in the laboratory.Continue Reading

For more than 20 years Adept Scientific has been helping customers collect, analyze, simulate, organize and present data to deliver information and knowledge. Adept Scientific – Research and Science Software Areas – Engineering Design, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Electronic Circuit Design, Product Development, Scientific Research, Data Acquisition, Test & Measurement,Continue Reading


“From a small garage in Palo Alto, California, to employees around the world serving customers in 110 countries…….”  Changes that happened — hp >> agilent >> Keysight Technologies Please Note – Just like HP who started as a T&M Equipment firm, hived off the founding Niche as Agilent, Now KeysightContinue Reading