The delabs Tech Blog of delabs Technologies started around 2002 has changed its form many times. It started with recording delabs designs and ideas. Now more EE Resources and Technologies are being added. delabs and dapj are spread over many pages, sites and blogs.

History – delabs designs and notes are from the Engineering Records of delabs since the late 80s. delabs published some circuits online in 1999 in the web spaces provided free by netscape and tripod. delabs websites in its own hosted space and domains happened after 2001.

delabs Circuits – Circuit and product design archive. Most of delabs circuits, projects and docs can be found here delabs Content Map and delabs Content Map 2 has the blogs and other services.

dapj Tech Blogs

These are Tech Blogs i maintain to jot products and services of various firms in relation to Electronics Product Design and Development. You will also find here some of my product and circuit designs. Some of my design, manufacturing experience and learning notes too are being recorded.

dapj Tech blogs – Hobby Hound is about Hobby, DIY, Do it Yourself Projects, Learn how to design at the Circuit Design Gopher. Some letters of visitors asking EE questions are recorded here Circuits FAQ and has my answers too.

You can learn about practical electronics from my blogs here Schematics of delabs and Solderman’s Basic Electronics.

delabs Technologies

Electronic Parts and Instruments 

These are the main circuit sections of  delabs Technologies, these have circuits in PDF format with Source design files and PCB layouts for some. If you want only Schematic Images with brief description, remain on this blog.

Privacy Policy of delabs

delabs Sites does not collect or ask the visitor to provide any personal or private information. delabs Sites does not use any technical or other mechanisms to obtain your name, email, phone, address or any other personal information. delabs understands the importance of user privacy and will ensure that private information is not collected by the web pages or software at delabs Sites.


Communication in delabs Sites is done by email, contact forms and Instant messenger, The Visitor can use the forms to give details on his own accord and consent. This information is used to reply and solve a technical issue. The email, name or other details are not used by delabs for any other purpose and is kept confidential.


delabs Sites links to many website and pages and publishes only the details provided on that website. These may be like the product, services or marketing information that the webmaster of that site has published for public view. delabs Sites takes utmost care while linking to quality content pages of companies and individuals. The visitor is requested to observe caution when he visits an external link, by means of search, advertisements, content pages or companies.

Circuits FAQ

In the Circuits FAQ which answers Technical questions of users, The Question Answer Thread for free support is published with the Initials of the Name or Nickname of the user. This is only done, when a problem is solved free of cost. No Personal details of the Visitor is collected, the email is kept confidential.

Statistics and Browser

The Advertisements, Web Stats, Registered User Login, Gadgets etc. placed in delabs Sites do not collect any personal information. They may use cookies, geographical data from Browser and IP to improve user experience.

Third Party Advertisements

delabs Sites uses third-party advertising companies to serve ads when you visit the websites. These companies may use information about your visits to this and other websites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you.


delabs Sites hosting is secure and precautions are taken to make the Web Applications safe for user. There are rare possibilities though, Just like any website, the security could be breached and website compromised.

Contact delabs

You can give a feedback or get clarification from delabs on any issue or doubt you have about delabs Sites using  delabs desk

delabs Websites

All delabs Sites are also available on SSL that means Secure and Private Data over the web. Use https:// Prefix.

The Above URLs are of the Websites of delabs, Indicated as the delabs Sites in all references above.

delabs, dapj, Anwheel and EEMetric are brands of delabs Technologies.

delabs Technologies

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