Focused or Niche Communities


You may have become aware by now that Large Public Social Network Community services have become stale. Services like Facebook, Twitter and others have lost their gleam and glitter. The bots, spam, marketing and much more that cannot be publicly disclosed; have made these communities large piles of  classified, high quality Recyclable waste. They have also become serious privacy and security threats when installed in a Smartphone along with banking, personal or family apps.

The conclusion is Public Social Network Community services and apps are out. Keep away from them, they are bad neighborhood.

Private, personal, and small collaboration hosted web applications are the future. You can create one for the family, one for the company and one for friends. Create niche communities like - Tinkering Club, Sports Group, Knitting Family, Bikes and Bikers, Joggers Union, Nature Protectors etc.

Fediverse is Now

Fediverse is the Now Thing