Dictabird and the Flintstones

First time in the history of AI in the year 1994 they recreated Stone age History in the form of the Flintstones Movie. This is an Interesting Life Form. The Ancient DictaBird.

I would prefer one that that may be useful on the Desktop like the DictaBird. So an Interactive desktop communication helper in the form of a Extra-Smart bird. Like Daisy perhaps. Something Fuzzzy or with AI like

See above is another green bird, it could have been inspired by the DictaBird. He is Peedy the Green Talking Parrot, he also happens to be an MS Agent.

Want to watch Machine Intelligence, Big Data and Cloud Computing working together for the first time in Stoneage. It also covers Business Management and Social Responsibility. The Flintstones (1994) Movie.

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ideas from Y2K refined in 2015

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