Digital Stethoscope – Texas Instruments

TMS320VC5505 evaluation module and analog front-end module make up the new C5505 DS Medical Development Kit (MDK).

This will be useful for Medical Electronic Students.TMS320VC5505 is a Low-Power Fixed-Point Digital Signal Processor DSP. A project with this will probably build Analog and DSP Skills to a High Degree. Also when you make a Battery operated Medical device, Power Electronics basics will be understood. Build on this something more, not just a Stethoscope. Make it more sensitive to record the sounds of Joints on Movement. This may help diagnose Bone problems early.

Block Diagram (SBD) – Digital Stethoscope –

“The main elements of a Digital Stethoscope are the sensor unit that captures the heart and lung sounds (also known as auscultations), digitization, and digital processing of the auscultations for noise reduction, filtering and amplification. Algorithms for heart rate detection and heart defect detection may also be included.”

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