Kenneth Wyatt – EMC design and training services

A consulting firm that specializes in EMC design, troubleshooting and training services to commercial and industrial manufacturers with global distribution in the consumer, computer, network & telecommunications, industrial and scientific industries.

Kenneth Wyatt – EMC design and training services

Kenneth Wyatt - EMC design and training services

DIY 6 GHz comb generator by Kenneth Wyatt

Most simple DIY comb generators seem to run out of steam about 1 GHz. I recently ran into David Bowman’s 2.4 GHz circuit and measured an upper usable range of about 6 GHz. While greatly attenuated above 3 GHz, this circuit should still be valuable for measuring semi-anechoic chambers in the GHz ranges.

Wyatt Technical Services, LLC
56 Aspen Dr. Woodland Park, CO 80863, USA

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