Learn Digital Power – Hands-On Example

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Flextek Electronics located at Carlsbad-CA have created a design that helps a design engineer understand the intricacies of digital supply design using a Micrcontroller. – delabs

8-Buck Converter Design Kit enables customer to build, program, test, and analyze a Buck converter controlled by 8-bit PIC Micro. Highly integrated components execute control functions through firmware algorithms that are converted to analog circuits for analysis and intuitive understanding

. Learn Digital Power - Hands-On Example

The 80W converter has 12V input with output adjustable from 1V to 11V on a through-hole PCB measuring 3.6″ x 1.5″. Key performance parameters include 92% efficiency and 12mVrms ripple at 156KHz switching frequency.

Flextek Electronics

“Flextek Electronics has extensive expertise in electronic controls, closed-loop control systems, embedded real-time controllers, analog circuits and power management, as well as software development.”

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