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LM336 Voltage Reference and LM335 Sensor

LM336-2.5 – Voltage Reference Diode

The LM136-2.5/LM236-2.5 and LM336-2.5 integrated circuits are precision 2.5V shunt regulator diodes. These monolithic IC voltage references operate as a low-temperature-coefficient 2.5V zener with 0.2 dynamic impedance. A third terminal on the LM136-2.5 allows the reference voltage and temperature coefficient to be trimmed easily.

LM335 is a temp sensor, Use LM335 for temp measurement or compensation, It is good for Living Environment temp control. A PT-100 RTD may be better if you wish a wider temperature range, These sensors come in ready to use probes. See also LM335 Temperature Sensor Calibration pdf.

LM336-2.5 is an voltage Reference. recision 2.5V shunt regulator diodes, Applied as a precision 2.5V low voltage reference for digital voltmeters, power supplies or in opamp signal conditioning.

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