The glue/interface Logic families are many. TTL and CMOS is what we all know. TTL is made of the trusted NPN and PNP transistors. CMOS logic is made of Mosfets/FET types.

Making a Logical Choice in Speed-n-Power

CD40XX and Intersil chips were the first CMOS types of IC that became popular. The former were versatile Building Blocks and the Latter created what i would call Flexible Advanced Public ASICs.

CMOS are low power consumption and TTL are nice Speed. In intel chips you could see the transition at 8031 to 80C31, a CMOS with good speed. Now its CMOS everywhere. FET’s rule.

Leroy has created an amazing page that helps you make a choice. I like HCT but these days it appears ACT is better and affordable too.

Glue Logic IC Family Selection Guide

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