Multi-Instrument Digital Assistant – PIC16F84A

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Multi-Instrument Digital Assistant – PIC16F84A

“It contains four instruments in one unit: logic probe, single channel logic state analyzer, frequency counter and serial code receiver.”

From Hobby Hound – DIY Electronics

The Engineer’s Assistant – Erik Grindheim

Serial code receiver The serial code receiver receives 42 bytes and displays them in both HEX and ASCII. The baud rate is selectale in 8 steps from 1200 to 115200.

Logic state analyzer This is a one-channel logic state analyzer. It fetches 300 single bit samples in a selectable rate from 25ms to 1µS (40 Hz to 1 MHz in 16 steps).

Frequency counter The frequency counter displays the frequency with up to 8 digits on the LCD. The refresh rate is 500ms.

Logic probe The low and high logic levels are displayed by LEDs which are OFF if the probe tip is floating.

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