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IAR Systems Supports Fujitsu FM3 Microcontroller

The IAR KickStart Kit is used for evaluating and prototyping Fujitsu’s FM3 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller family.

Mesa Electronics – Embedded Computers

Mesa Electronics – Embedded Computers

Mesa Electronics has been serving the embedded PC market since 1986.

4C62 – 5X86 CPU PC104/PLUS CPU with SVGA video, IDE flash, 100BT Ethernet

The 4C62 is a high performance, high integration 5X86 based PC/104-PLUS CPU card. The 4C62 has built-in SVGA video that shares system memory (UMA) for low cost and high performance.

Mesa Electronics - Embedded Computers

  • 133 MHz 5X86 CPU with FPU
  • 32M or 64M bytes system RAM
  • 10/100 BaseT Ethernet
  • Built-in SVGA video
  • Built-in IDE flash drive
  • 2 USB Ports
  • Made in USA

Mesa Electronics

4175 Lakeside Drive, Suite 100, Richmond, CA 94806-1950

Corvalent – Industrial Motherboards

Corvalent – Industrial Motherboards Corvalent - Industrial Motherboards

“Corvalent is a leading designer and manufacturer of long-life, PC-based embedded boards, motherboards and systems for embedded and industrial applications. Our product line includes single board computers, peripheral devices, desktops, handheld devices, custom enclosures and rack-mounted systems.”

Corvalent’s Embedded Systems are engineered with the highest quality components and peripherals, including Corvalent designed and owned industrial long life embedded boards

Long Life Quad Core EATX Industrial Server Board

“The SB5000P is a long-life, quad core EATX server board based on the Intel Dual Core, Dual Xeon 5100 Industrial Server Series, Intel Xeon Quad Core E5300 Series, Intel Duo Core, Duo Core LV L5200 Series, Intel Quad Core E5400 Series processor and Intel 5000P chipset. The SB5000P was designed specifically for high performance embedded applications such as Medical, Oil and Gas, Industrial Automation, Automotive, Semiconductor Equipment, Security and Surveillance, Gaming and Robotics.”