Process Control Circuits for Automation


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This was the PCB of the Transmitter, This would go into the SSR box. It worked pretty well, served the purpose. It was also cloned by others. Now designs are public. In those days, i would try to protect my designs, it was futile. The only edge an engineering company can have to protect its designs is quality, customer support, marketing clout and constant improvement.

If you have a Capital-Reserve for cash-flow and dedicated R&D lab and team with very low Attrition; combined with an enthusiastic and adventurous Marketing Team. Then your designs and assets are well protected, even if you publish them online. Well, i would not do that, if was still running my business, i am not sure. There was no web at that time, Just before my own company wound up, it was 386, Gateway 2000 14 Kbps Modem and BBS/ Delrina WinFax. That was all the connectivity i had. Now, oh my Goodness, The world has changed completely, just because of one thing the Internet, a change for the better. There might have been other ‘significant’ changes, in other areas, but they turned out to be something else.

As long as we have the Web and www, a knowledge utility for one and all, the world will continue to evolve into a better place. we can fix everything.