Process Control Instrumentation – McShane

New serial interface RS-422 improved upon RS-232 serial communications which was Noise prone. RS-422 uses two signal lines.

RS-485 enhances RS-422 with an ability to connect upto 32 devices. Now we have Industrial Interface methods like Zigbee, Ethernet, Modbus etc.

RS-485 Serial Interface – McShane, Inc.

Temperature Controller for DC Load and TEC

Temperature Controller for DC Load and TEC

Model 5C7-582 or Model 5C7-583 temperature controllers provide automatic biphase heating and cooling control for Thermoelectric (Peltier effect, or TEC) modules.

More about the Company

Founded by Philip Johnson in 1964, McShane, Inc. supplies process control equipment, OEM devices, and industry services from our location south of Cleveland, Ohio.

They also provide services like Leading Edge Custom Built Designs, Prototyping and Manufacturing.

McShane, Inc.
3633 Trails End Dr., Medina, Ohio, 44256-8770, United States.

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