Programmable Logic Controller – PLC System

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PSIM …. The Original PLC Simulator / Emulator – Proffessor Bill’s Free PLC Simulator! – Allen Bradley PLC Simulator, Hands-On Programmable Logic Controller Training Without the PLC. The PLC tutors are nice, Basic Lessons and Quiz Exercise can brush up your Fundamentals.

MatPLC – Ladder Logic on Linux

A Standalone PLC or PLC based System or SCADA form the automation systems of today. Allen Bradley, Siemens and GE-Fanuc were PLC manufacturers. The firm which i had started many years back, also did PLC related work as a System House for GE-Fanuc. This is a modular software configured/programmable embedded system.

A Basic PLC was a system built around an 8051 type device. It would have a EEPROM or UV PROM. EEPROM the ancestor of flash had just made an entry. SEEQ was one of the makers. It needed a little additional circuitry for programming. A 286/386 PC would have a ladder logic program, which could be loaded via serial port to PLC. The Ladder Logic was a Electrician Friendly GUI to create the 8031 firmware. The PLC would have Logic inputs and Relay outputs. Analog I/O Modules were more expensive Modules.

Block Diagram (SBD) – Programmable Logic Controller –

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC). “Acquiring data from sensors involves precision measurement and the processing of very low values or small changes in analog voltages/currents.”

So, if you want to specialize in Instrumentation like T&M or Process Control, you should be good at analog. PLC is the Modular or Component based approach to Industrial Automation. That means Configurable, Scalable, Serviceable/Maintainable. Most important fact is it is Programmable.

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