Robotics Notebook of Chuck McManis

These pages are extremely useful for an entry into the Robotics Wonderland, a little electronics ability is enough for you to start learning robotics. Robotics is the only science that covers everything almost .. Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Embedded, Computing, Networking, Automation and Wireless Technologies.

Some advanced robots include probably every science and skill known to mankind. So make a start today. Learn Robotics! – delabs Notes

Robotics Notebook of Chuck McManis

“The online notebook is divided into several sections that collect different kinds of things. Mostly circuits, projects, controllers, etc. Generally I’ve built everything I write about however errors do occur in transcription so if you see one please mail me about it so that I can fix it!” – Chuck

PIC Programming using USB, Ant Weight Speed Contro ller, LCD Diagnostic Console,

Robotics Projects : Index

  1. Tools for Robots
  2. The ARBE-ONE Robot
  3. The High Power Speed Controller
  4. H-Bridge tutorial
  5. The Servo Gizmo

“One of the things I encourage people to do when they begin their journey in robotics is to keep a notebook. The notebook serves as journal and knowledge repository for the aspiring roboticist. My favorite notebooks are the model 43-648 Computation Notebook printed by Dennison Stationary Products Co. They have a 4 x 4 graph paper and each page is numbered. Another good one is the Design and Computation Book by the Laboratory Notebook Company (form WW-200-100).”
– Chuck McManis

Home Brew Robotics Club – Resurrected from the ashes of the original HomeBrew Computer Club by a group enthusiasts who were interested in the emerging field of robotics. Meets at Carnegie-Mellon West campus, Building 23 inside the NASA Research Park (NRP) complex in Mountain View, California.

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