Excellent Online Educational Pages at Exeter. Students and Teachers can get ideas on how to enhance and enrich the Science Education Process. A Sound understanding of Physics and Chemistry is needed for stepping into “Electricity and Magnetism”. We have to move young minds into Electronics even before High School, asRead More


Lab Experiments using A/D and D/A cards. PC Interface. Using Matlab, Learning PID control. DC Motor control. Hovercraft project with PWM and Fans as Actuator of control system, Uses NIDAQ Interface. The Control of engineering systems PID Controller Design – “We used a 3-stage fuzzy logic PID to control ourRead More


They design and manufacture advanced systems for real-time control design and implementation used in education, research and industry. Quanser – Control Design Solutions They demonstrate the state of the art for control systems plants for the most demanding applications in control, mechatronics, robotics, etc. Used both in Advanced Education andRead More