High-end computerized lab equipment, accessories and sensors. They also manufacture OEM transducers, signal conditioners, industrial standards interface boards and kits. (USA Firm) Erlich Industrial Development Corporation Erlich Industrial Development Corporation (EID) is an OEM manufacturing and R&D Company specializing in the development of high technology biological, medical and chemical researchRead More

This site contains popular-science style articles describing many aspects of electrochemistry. New articles are added at irregular intervals, and all articles are periodically updated as recent developments occur in the field. Electrochemistry Encyclopedia Anodizing – Robert S Alwitt Brine electrolysis – Tilak V. Bommaraju and Paul J. Orosz Corrosion inhibitionRead More


Electrical Engineering as a Technology has evolved and branched out into many specialized domains. With the coming of Semiconductors and the Advancements of Material Technologies, Electronics Engineering emerged as a foundation or a Horizontal for many new Verticals. One such Vertical is Instrumentation, here you know Industrial Process Control isRead More

Principles of Semiconductor Devices The purpose of this text is to explore the internal behavior of semiconductor devices, so that we can understand the relation between the device geometry and material parameters on one hand and the resulting electrical characteristics on the other hand. Schottky diode current Metal-Semiconductor contacts ElectrostaticRead More