Teralab Electronics projects – Robert Hunt

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“This site is an attempt to document some of the physics experiments and science projects which I have conducted in my laboratory at home. These experiments include high vacuum, electron optics and electrostatics. There is also a virtual museum of scientific instruments, antique lamps and antique valves. …”

Teralab Electronics projects

“My father was interested in T.E.Lawrence and used to visit Pat and Joyce Knowles who looked after Lawrence’s cottage. Because they lived way out in the country side, they were not connected to the electricity supply. Pat generated electricity to charge a small room full of accumulators using solar panels and windmills. Pat encouraged my scientific interest by giving me old electronic equipment to play with.”

– Robert Hunt

  • Tera-fying Experiments
  • Scientific Glass Blowing
  • Electronics projects
  • Virtual Museum
  • X-Ray Gallery


  • Video Monitor
  • Geiger Counter
  • Relay and DAC Controller
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