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Enhancing Wordpress

By integrating BuddyPress and BuddyPress Docs you can make your Wordpress Community Friendly and enhance Collaboration. Create your own group or club online.

Yada Wiki Plugin for Collaborative Dashboard Document Editing using wordpress roles. RSS Feed, Sidebar widgets and Extremely simple settings and integration. See my usage  delabs ebase.  I tried it three times and removed it, Yesterday i figured the right way to use it with a custom sidebar. It is an Excellent idea to organize pages this way. A simple Knowledge-base.

Yada Wiki is a free plugin for the WordPress content management system. Yada Wiki provides a wiki post type, custom tags and categories, a table of contents option, and a sidebar widget. The plugin allows you to link your wiki pages together using the titles of the wiki pages.

Knowledge Base Plugins enhance WordPress content organizing ability.

I have trying WP Knowledgebase  here at Knob

At Elektron i am testing out BasePress