The Oath of Aristotle

Simple Natural Living

The Future is in Reviving Legacy Methods, Systems, Equipment and Technologies. We need to step back a couple of decades to sustain the planet and environment. The Fossil fuels are fast running out and other things are happening too. So go Retro and save the Earth.

Simple Natural Living

Cheer up the New Year by creating colorful, safe, ergonomic, affordable and innovative product designs. May the Force be with all of you. The Hippocratic Oath has been thrown aside by the Health Care Community. Engineers should follow Aristotle both in creativity and also ethics. Integrity is compromised in every profession in the Passion for Wealth and Power. Many people and companies have become runaway processes in the mad pursuit of Money. Let us try to correct this.

Give more importance to Nature, Trees, Plants, Animals, Fishes, Birds, Reptiles and Insects too. The Mountains, Lakes, Rivers and Forests. If these are damaged we will all perish. Protect the Ecosystem, the Environment,Then alone we can all survive.

Apr 2022 – Aggregating  phrases from older posts of mine related to green living from 2002.

Wind Energy and Solar Energy; Hydro Energy and Tide Energy – Switch to these methods and learn to implement.

Create Affordable Electrical Vehicles like Solar Trikes and Electric Vans with Solar Sails. They neither need to go Fast nor do they don a Fancy look. The Automobile or Bike needs to work on batteries, be affordable and have solar charging attachments.

When the Energy Crisis Deepens, Speed will be scoffed upon, Need  will be the priority. Looks will not Matter, Works will be good enough. So let us be practical and prepare for….

Simple, Sustainable and Sensible Lifestyles and Business Models


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