Product Design

Circuit Design Service

Electronic Circuit and Product Design – delabs can design the Electronic Circuit and PCB if you have a Product Idea and Plan made. If you need a circuit, product or a solution designed as per your exact specifications, delabs can help you with your Firm’s EE Project or Idea.

delabs design

delabs offers the following support and service.

  • Product Feasibility study and Component Sourcing.
  • Knowledge and Technical Information Support.
  • Circuit and Product, design and development.
  • Product Engineering and Testing Support.

delabs support includes circuit design and related documents. PCB Design, Prototypes and Firmware development is also done in some cases. delabs does not undertake Consumer Electronics Projects.

delabs desk – Request a Design Service here or even ask Technical Questions.

Product Design

Service Charges for documentation, email support etc. will be charged depending on time and effort involved.

Open source projects done by delabs  – While Open Hardware model is preferred, delabs can also work on private projects for research or existing product improvement.

Private Custom Design

delabs design service

delabs can Design or Develop, Custom Electronic Products. Here the design IP – Intellectual Property will be private. The design charges will be more and the rights to that particular configuration will belong to the serviced firm or customer.

delabs works on Industrial, Instrumentation, T&M and R&D Equipment Areas only. The Product Prototype will be made by delabs with the active support of the customer.

The terms for that will be sent by email on request, after the Design Discussion.

delabs shall not accept projects or orders, that may be in conflict with similar projects done earlier for other firms.

Public Domain Design

delabs Open Design Service is done on the terms shown in the document below. This work is done at a lower design service cost, as it can be reused by others and helps in the the Education of the EE community.

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